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As AIR SOLUTIONS, we offer Warehousing and Storage Services for transportation in parallel with our aim to provide comprehensive service to our customers. We give you support whenever you need storage service so that you can have your domestic or international shipping services smoothly.

Warehouse management, one of the most important links of logistics processes; brings many advantages such as reducing the logistics cost and therefore the product cost. We maintain our Storage Services with expert staff, advanced technology, know-how and comprehensive infrastructure to ensure that our customers from different sectors save both time and costs. Considering the changing needs over time, we also make warehouse management specific to the changing situation.

As AIR SOLUTIONS, we provide both advantageous and safe service with our expert team and right methods in Palletizing, Packaging and Handling, as in every area.

Our warehouse has fire safety and warning systems, ventilation systems that provide continuous fresh air circulation, insurance coverage against accidents and natural disasters.